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Hot Friggin’ Chicken

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Lot’s of questions on the the chicken. I’m not gonna give the recipe away 🙂 but I will tell you a bit about the process the chook goes thru’ before it ends up in your belly.

It’s a fairly intensive process of 7 steps. Each step adds a layer to the chicken, so don’t cheat or else you’ll miss a out on a layer of flavour or spice, which impacts the overall experience.

Step 1 – brine the chicken for 24 hours.

Step 2 – flour the chicken in our flour and light seasoning mix.

Step 3 – “glue” the chicken by whacking it into the chiller for 4 hours.

Step 4 – second flour the chicken in our flour & seasoning mix.

Step 5 – fry it hot and quick.

Step 6 – “dunk’ the chicken in our very secret spice dredge. Different dredge for different spice levels of course.

Step 7 – toss the chicken in the spice mix. Nowt, Wuss, Bang, Hot-to-Trot, or Friggin’ Hot.

Then rest it, and serve in on white bread and topped with pickle. There’s a bit of effort required, but it’s worth it to get the full effect!