To everyone who supported us over our first weekend, we appreciate it so much.

Five weeks ago, like everyone else, we were in lockdown. And we were lost.
We didn’t have an evening business, or take away & delivery.

There simply wasn’t a business in a breakfast-based eat-in business.

But we had our little dream. We knew what we wanted to do, but planning and doing are so very different.

Planning during lockdown was ok. Yep, kids are home and running wild, home schooling takes way more time than expected, but everyone is in the same boat. Ahoy mateys.

“Doing” during lockdown was impossible. But that’s the way it needed to be for the greater good. You rock NZ!
The sense of community over the past 5 weeks has been amazing. I challenge everyone to mindfully continue in the future the way we’ve behaved over the past 5 weeks.

Kindness, respect, patience, and the overarching sense of “us” before “I” has been staggeringly beautiful. Why stop now?

NZ went to level three 6 days ago. If feels like so much longer…!

We used the 6 days “to do”, and had a daily get stuff done list. We scrambled. We started at 6 am and finished at 4 am some days. Just like a lot of others, we worried.

But we have to do everything possible to try and make a viable business now, cause we just don’t know how things will play out. And we still had this little dream that needed nurturing.

So we started our new evening business, doing take away and delivery of our Nashville Hot Chicken.
Luckily we had some awesome secret recipes, and some refinement based on dishes we’d had on our travels and then loved at home.

We didn’t know how you’d feel about this. The response has been heartwarming and phenomenal.

To everyone who helped us get started, we thank you.

Specifically, to our team. What you’ve done has been amazing. We could not be here without you.

To everyone who engaged with us on social media, we thank you.

To everyone who choose to try us out, we thank you so phucking much.

To everyone who gave us feedback, we owe you.

To everyone who showed us patience, we love you.

Please please please support local and small businesses if you can.
If you want some diversity in your town, we, small businesses, need your support to survive.
If you want a vibrant town, it needs diverse and interesting businesses. If we’re not for you, great. But do try and support your favourite shops, cafes and others.
We are consciously spending what we have as locally as possible.

We’re a little business doing our thing with heart, honesty and love. Our biggest buzz is making you happy. Even when we get it wrong, it’s a mistake, not a lack of care.

Thank you for your support over the weekend. We ran out of food and are so sorry if you were one of the ones we let down. We had absolutely no idea what to expect. But we’re so blessed by those of you who supported us and tried to support us 🙏 💕 😃

Get in touch if I can help you with anything. I’m gagging to re-engage and get talking again – while we socially distance of course.

Stay safe jailbirds.