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Treat the Team

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Treat the Team

Who’s on your team? And do they deserve a treat??

Whether it’s the work team, friends, family or just you who deserves the treat, we gotcha covered.

Try our Hot Chicken, sides and sauces the easy way, with a little of everything, to put some smiles on the dials.

To order or get more info, call 03 548 8110 or email contact@morrisonsnelson.com

Treat the Team Download

treat the team Morrisons Hot Chicken

How does it work?

Order per person, and you get…

One Mac’n’Cheese Croquette & Paprika Buttered Corn Cob p/p;

Old Bay Fries, House ‘Slaw, Comeback & White BBQ Sauce to share;

Plus each person’s choice of Meat with Heat…

Winglettes (x2, choose your heat) 12 p/p

Thigh (x1, choose your heat) 14 p/p

Drums (x2, choose your heat) 14 p/p

Cauliflower Florets (reg, choose your heat) 11 p/p

Add 10 x Winglettes (choose your heat) $30

Minimum order $44

Morrisons Meat Heat Side Sauce

Perfect to treat the team, share with friends, or try with the family.

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