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Used Coffee Grounds #1

We’re churning out coffee daily. And it’s by-product, coffee grounds. I’ve been looking at these used grounds and wondering what we can do with them.

Now, we’re not just chucking them out. Nor are we struggling to get rid of them. We’ve plenty of people who come in and pick up the used grounds for their gardens. Used grounds are rich in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

However it is best to allow a period of time from adding coffee grounds to your garden, and planting.  It’s even better to use the used coffee grounds as an ingredient for composting. You can end up with a very high quality compost. 

But are there any other uses? We have a few ideas rattling around and we’ll share them as we explore and test them.

The first thing we’ve done is make some coffee ground soap. This first batch needs to cure for about 4 weeks, so will be ready in early August. It looks really promising though.

My favourite thing about the batch so far is the smell. We’ve really retained that coffee aroma in the bars of soap. Now we’re looking forward to testing the batch to see if the grounds add any exfoliation properties.

There are two problems we’re curious about. The first are the grounds themselves. You should never put grounds down your drain as it can clog things up.

We think the quantity of grounds in a bar of soap are such a small percentage of the soap that the grounds won’t cause any problem unless you’re using a bar of soap every time you shower and are also showering 27 times per day. We’ll test and monitor this as we go.

The second problem are the triggers the aroma evokes in us. It smells like coffee. It even looks like coffee. When you close your eyes in the shower and lather up, make sure you’re not tempted to take a nibble. It’s soap, not yummy wake-up juice after all!

Come in to see us in mid-August and try out these soaps. We’re keen to hear what you think about our used-grounds project!