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Nashville Hot Chicken, Salads, Sides & Sauces



Includes Meat or Veg option | your HEAT on your MEAT | any 1 x side | any 1 x sauce

Salads and Sandwich

Sandwich served burger style. Vegan salads. Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers/Sandwiches.

Substitute GF Bread or No Bread for any burgers/sandwiches.






Platters & Catering

Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, Chai, Chocolate & Baked Goodies

All Day Breakfast



Served with our seasonal wilted leafy greens, two free-range poached eggs, and house-made hollandaise on a toasted English muffin.

Add Spicy Hollandaise +1

Bacon Benny with cured-for-us shoulder bacon… 20

Halloumi Benny… 19 (v)

Mushroom Benny… 18 (v)

Southern Chicken Benny… 20

Boring Benny nowt but benny… 14 ( v )

Benny Roll… 14


Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberry compote, whipped cream & side of maple syrup… 19 ( v )


Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes with white & dark chocolate, chocolate sauce & Appleby Farm Chocolate ice-cream … 19 ( v )


Veggie Brekkie… 20 (v)

Halloumi, free-range poached egg, spiced cauliflower hash brown, pan-fried mushrooms, seasonal wilted greens, roasted tomato, with ciabatta

Add Bacon + 4


Chickpea Scramble… 17 (vg, gf option)

Lightly spiced chickpeas, seasonal greens, onion, turmeric & herb scramble with tofu, coconut yoghurt, and olive oil brushed ciabatta.


House Baked Granola… 16 ( v, gf , df option )

Honey-roasted oats, fruit, nuts, & seeds, with greek yoghurt, poached pear & peach, and berry compote. Almond milk on the side.… 16 ( v, gf , df option )

Or choose Coconut | Soy milk | Oaklands Milk

Raglan GF & DF Coconut Yoghurt  +1


Eggs your way… 8 ( v )

Two Willow Creek free-range eggs poached or fried on ciabatta

Add scrambled…+2 | Add GF bread… +1



Old Bay Fries (vg, gf) w Sauce… 6
Mushrooms (v, gf, vg option)… 4
Halloumi (v, gf)… 5
Shoulder Bacon (x 2) (gf)… 7
Hot Chicken – Choose Your Heat… 7.5
Free Range Eggs (x 2) (v)… 5
Ciabatta (x 2)… 3
GF Bread (x 2)… 4
Wilted Greens (v, gf, vg option)… 5
Cauliflower Hash Brown (vg)… 4
House-Spiced Tofu (vg)… 4
Roasted Tomato (vg)… 3

Sauces… 2

Tomato | HP | Comeback | White BBQ | Habanero | Chow Chow Relish



Atomic. Double Shot

Flat White | Cappuccino… 4.5
Magic | Mocha… 4.5
Espresso Long | Short… 4
Americano | Macchiato | Piccolo… 4
Latte | Iced Latte | Turmeric Latte… 5
Hot Chocolate… 5
Kids Chocolate | Fluffy… 3 | 1
Chai Spicy | Sweet… 5
Dirty Chai.. 6



Tea Total. Loose Leaf

Pot for one… 4

Pot for two… 7

Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Japanese Sencha Green Tea
Ginger Kawakawa Spiced Tea
Peppermint Tea



Large | Extra Shot… .50
Soy | Almond | Coconut milk… .50
Jug Cream… .50


News Updates

HEAT on your MEAT

Hot and Spicy Nashville Chicken, Salads, Sides & Sauces.

Our Nashville Hot Chicken has three key components: plain ole white bread to soak up all the meat flavours, hot chicken and pickle.

Our chicken is brined for 24 hours, floured & rested for 12 hours, floured again,  double fried, dunked in our secret dredge, rested, and finished in our top secret “dry spice”. Our dry spice comes 5 ways:

Nowt – not much really. Safe for most kids. Our 2-year-old eats this

Wuss – juts a bit of heat for the spice fearing folk

Bang – the way we recommend it. Hot, for those who like heat on their meat

Hot to Trot – Hot, hot. This will make you sweat

Frigging Hot – For all you spice freaks or when you lose a bet

With heaps of sides and sauces, including Mac’n’Cheese croquettes, biscuits & gravy, 3 bean salad, white BBQ sauce, old sour sauce and the best chicken sandwich (burger) you’ll have since lockdown.